Numbers stations again

I think it’s been a while since I blogged about numbers stations. To be honest it’s probably best not to.

But, via Murky, I’ve found another page of recordings of numbers stations. My eyes still water at the spookiness of it all. Considering how important they presumably are, I find it amusing that so many of them seem so amateurish (although I guess it’s mostly the interesting ones that end up on the internet).

What I still find interesting about numbers stations is that (according to the Wikipedia article at least) their use has increased since the early 1990s. And if they want to keep it all inconspicuous (as you would presume they do), why do they have weird things like ice cream van melodies, and why are the voices always strange?

Update: Nick has more.

Follow the links that Collie posted in the comments; there is some very interesting stuff around. This is particularly strange.


  1. Fun With HTTP Headers Fewer cases of “All Your Base” than I though there would be… Glasgow is the stabbing/heart attack/designer shopping capital of Europe Using Google wildcards to fill in the blanks… Numbers stations Wow – I’d never heard of these. They sound quite scary – are they just some sort of Chris Morris-esque prank? Or an attempt to distract the tinfoil-hat brigade with what’s really going on? New Boards of Canada album reviewed

  2. I was reading and listening to interviews about number stations a few weeks back. Always a freaky thing, although to be honest I don’t really care that much about them now. They’re obviously useful to someone, and it’s probably best the rest of us plebs don’t know what exactly they’re all about. Let them plot our demise with voice synthesizers and silly tunes! Is a pretty good radio broadcast about them I think, although this page: (which you probably know already) blows your mind with its information and resources.

  3. Holy crap – I must have missed your original posting; this is absolutely fascinating – I’d never heard of numbers stations before.

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