Big boned band pulls out of TOTP

You can often tell that something odd has happened when lots of people come to your blog searching for the same weird thing. I’ve been getting a lot of visits today from people searching for things like “Magic Numbers walk out TOTP”.

After a little bit of digging, I found this article on The article says that The Magic Numbers pulled out of Top of the Pops because Richard Bacon called them fat. But the article never actually mentions what Richard Bacon actually said to offend The Magic Numbers.

Here it is on BBC News Online:

In rehearsals, Richard Bacon said the band had been put in a “fat melting pot of talent”

Which to me doesn’t mean that he was calling the band fat at all. He said the melting pot was fat, not the band. Maybe they mis-heard Bacon and thought he said “melting pot of fat talent,” but even then how do they know that he wasn’t saying phat talent? Hmm? Didn’t think of that did they?!

In sum: A band pulled out of TOTP because Richard Bacon used the word ‘fat’, but didn’t actually call the band ‘fat’.

I think somebody’s being a bit touchy about their weight…

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  1. Don’t know why they’re so upset; it’s not as if anyone watches TOTP any more… (allegedly)

    (Thanks for sorting out the comment box problem)