1. Awesome is the word. Not only for the actual victory, but in levelling an “active” series! That’s the key.

  2. It was a nail biting match.

    The great thing about test cricket is it’s an event you can watch at your leisure. Pop into the pub for a pint and watch it there, or in your house with a glass of Robinson’s R Special or whatever floats your boat, then with a bit of luck, during the day the match turns into a belter. And if it doesn’t, tune in the next day.

    The match was great though. First the incredible batting display of Flintoff saving England’s second innings – then the Aussie’s resilent tail ender batting, ending with the most marginal victory imaginable as finally the last Aussie wicket fell. There was shedloads of tension, excitement and crazy people dressed as convicts in the crowd. What more do you want?

    Even if you don’t like test cricket, and I don’t usually watch a whole match, anyone who says cricket is boring and hasn’t watched a nail-biting one dayer go down to the wire or a Twenty20 match needs to have their head removed with a fine cricketing bat.

  3. Yeah, I first became interested in cricket when I was off school. Because I was ill I couldn’t do very much except lie on the sofa and watch television, and the cricket was by far the most interesting thing on. I think cricket is perfect for that sort of situation, where you have the whole day free to do not very much, and there doesn’t seem to be much pressure to be glued to the television for the whole time.

  4. Sport really doesn’t get much better than that. Both games so far have had some incredible moments, mainly from people that used to or still do, play for Hampshire.

    You know it makes sense. 🙂