Ten mile walk in the hail: achievement

Today my friend and I went on a walk from my house along the coast to Aberdour, which is about ten miles. To kind of give it perspective for those who don’t know Fife, here is a map, although we did not take that route (because, as I said, we went along the coast).

One interesting aspect of the walk was the fact the journey to Kinghorn, which once felt like a mammoth walk, seemed to go by really quickly; I barely noticed it.

We hit a problem between Kinghorn and Burntisland though. We attempted to reach Burntisland via Pettycur Bay, where we ended up in quite a nasty hailstorm (the weather had previously been sunny with just a few spots of rain). There we found what had appeared to be an abandoned rucksack, and a tent closer to the tide in the distance. I found it so strange just lying there in the middle of the beach that I took a photograph of it.

Abandoned (?) rucksack

Then I turned round and there was somebody sitting there all along. Doh. He must have thought that I was well weird.

Anyway, we carried on until the beach just sort of stopped, and there was nothing between the Firth of Forth and Burntisland but a sea wall. We couldn’t find any way of getting further inland, so we had to walk all the way back to Kinghorn. Not a very successful period then.

We then sped on to reach Aberdour, taking just a couple of breaks. All-in-all we spent about three hours walking. I like doing that sort of thing. It really feels like you’ve achieved something. The thing is, though, it leaves me down on energy for the rest of the day…

(More photos from today are on Flickr.)

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