August 2005

Flickr is still pretty much okay

Yesterday (via Plasticbag) I read about the group of people who had set up Flick Off in protest against Flickr selling out to Yahoo. Today I was invited into it. I knew that people must have been angry, because the FlickrBlog has recently been filled less with lovely pictures and more with explanations about how […]

Opera free for today!

Nice! Apparently, today is Opera’s 10th birthday, and to celebrate they’re giving away free registration codes. Free publicity ahoy! At the moment, I’m firmly planted in the Firefox corner. I’m not too familiar with Opera though. Years ago, when I was on a crumbling steam-driven iMac, I downloaded Opera for it and didn’t find it […]


Here is an interesting site about the English language: Wordcount. This is excellent for looking up swearwords. I’m surprised at how low some of them are actually… I’m not the only one looking up swearwords by the way — look at this (Thanks to Alan for pointing this out)! Duncan is more popular than gentlemen […]


Inglish iz issenshali a langwidje dhat, wen rittun fonetkli, iz ilejibul tu netiv spikerz. (Via.)

Cover quiz

Crop of the Pops — zany game where you have to guess the album covers of your favourite band. (Via.)

Bloody bank holidays

Aswell as Corn Flakes, I hate bank holidays. Not so much bank holidays, I don’t mind them. I hate bank holidays when it’s not a bank holiday though. Because not only do we have to put up with people saying it’s a bank holiday when it’s not, and not only do we have to cope […]

Bloody Corn Flakes

I really hate Corn Flakes because, no matter what you try, when you pour the milk it always seems to rebound off a corn flake crevice in spetacular fashion, causing the milk to go all over the place. Frosties are even worse because the sugar coating seems to form a kind of protective shield which […]