July 2005


I’m not big on architecture, but it’s the old thing — I know what I like. When the Scottish Parliament building was opened it was quite a common grumble amongst people. The Scottish Parliament, it’s not box-shaped, it’s all lopsided, so it must be silly modern tosh. Well no, I like it. I think it […]

Explaining to do

Ah, he was a terrorist! Oh no, wait. Yeah, but he was wearing a heavy jacket which could have concealed explosives. Hang on. Err, he was Asian, and you can’t take your chances these days! Oh right. Ah, but he was acting suspiciously. Why else would you vault over the barrier? Ah.. ha. Yeah, but […]

Quick! Ban all the males!

Here is an excellent article about why video games don’t make people violent. The data all relates to America, but the point still stands. …the Playstation era has, in fact, produced the most non-violent kids ever… Even if true, …blaming violent media would be like going to the opera, noticing that most people there are […]

I’ve been tinkering

As you might have noticed, I’ve been tinkering again. So I’m just posting my usual warning, and if you experience any problems (or simply if you have any feedback) please do tell me! Categories changed as promised. For instance, ‘LOL_MATE!!!!’ has changed into the rather more prim-and-proper ‘Humour’. I also have new categories like ‘Scotland’. […]