Quick! Ban all the males!

Here is an excellent article about why video games don’t make people violent. The data all relates to America, but the point still stands.

…the Playstation era has, in fact, produced the most non-violent kids ever…

Even if true, …blaming violent media would be like going to the opera, noticing that most people there are rich, and concluding that opera makes people rich…

In an analysis of the risk factors of youth violence by the Surgeon General of the United States of America, violent media is categorized as “Small Effect Size.” In fact, there are 27 risk factors rated higher than exposure to violent media, like… being male. Quick! Ban all the males!

I always found the supposed link between computer games and violence bizarre. I don’t play computer games as much as I used to. Mostly I play Formula 1 games. At the moment I’m spending perhaps four or five hours a week playing these games. You might notice that I’m not Formula 1 World Champion yet.

Via PseudoBlog.


  1. Bollocks. Of course there is a link between violence and computer games. I’ve been playing computer games since I was tiny, and now I want to kill you. Slowly, with a cricketing bat and a bag of last year’s conkers.