Shot man was not bomber

According to The Guardian.

And now also the BBC.

So he was just an Asian guy with a jacket on then? (Update: Now it turns out he wasn’t even Asian, but Brazilian.)

It’s possibly best to wait and see what further news there is until commenting properly though.

Update: Nosemonkey posts on this aswell.

Update: And

Update: A Big Stick and a Small Carrot. Given that the police haven’t shot any terrorists or bombers yet, I wonder if they’re going to apologise…

Update: Blood and Treasure:

From the FT:

Police have been given secret new shoot-to-kill guidelines in recent weeks, it emerged on Friday after officers shot a man dead on an Underground train at Stockwell, south London…

…Now it was obviously pretty stupid to run away when challenged by a bunch of jumpy, armed cops. But let’s get this straight. The man was pushed to the floor and given five in the head. If he’d known that a shoot to kill policy was in operation then it’s a good deal likely he’d have been less stupid in the first place. This should have been made public.


  1. Like I mentioned to you in an MSN convo, we’re turning into America. It’s like we’re in fucking California.

  2. Keep shooting them. One less illegal to worry about. Kill a few more ‘accidently’ and think of the stampede at Dover.