Five times






If the reports are true then I think this is quite a lot, especially considering the guy was apparently already on the floor. My initial thought train went something like this:

“Holy shit they shot a suspected terrorist… But couldn’t they have just arrested him? If the bomb was on a timer it would go off anyway. And shooting the guy is fine if they think it’s the only option, but five times? And isn’t shooting at a guy with explosives a bit dangerous anyway?”

But I don’t know anything, and this might be very premature of me. I suppose you should reserve final judgement until we know the full facts. For the moment I guess we have to be thankful that more people weren’t hurt.

Interesting discussion at Shot by both sides.

Hmm, and according to Sky News,

Initial examinations though, said [Sky correspondent Martin] Brunt, did not discover any explosives on the suspect.

Update: The Yorkshire Ranter has a plausible theory as to why there were five shots.


  1. I just wanted to say I how much I love Google Ads. The one below says “Five times: Compare retailers, read reviews, & Calculate the lowest price.”

    I wonder how much they charge for five bullets to the brain? Anyway, everything will be fine here in London once arrive.

  2. 1 for sorrow 2 for joy
    3 for a girl 4 for a boy
    5 for jumping a ticket barrier in Stockwell? Surely not.