18 years and 8 months

According to the BBC (I have to admit, I do like these shows), I am 18 years and 8 months old. That takes us all the way back to, oh, December.

There’s still plenty of scope for me to get older though. Presumably this is factored in, but I’m only 19, so I haven’t had much of a chance to suffer from heart attacks or strokes or anything else the quiz asked about. Despite this, though, I still managed to get a negative score for my medical history. It must have been that last question, ‘Do you ever get sad or depressed?’ Who the hell never gets sad? I hate people who say they are never sad — they are fakey cake bakers.

The only other section I got a negative score on was the one about exercise. I think I walk quite a lot. This doesn’t apply right now, but when I go to university I have to walk an hour every day. And I can assure you — thanks to my tendency to catch the latest possible train in to, and the fastest possible train out of, Edinburgh — that this counts as a ‘brisk walk’. This is what the doctor says you’re meant to do. But there were no questions about walking. Instead, there were questions about bloody pilates. Then what does Des Lynam tell me to do to improve? He tells me to go on a ‘brisk walk’! Ask me a question about my brisk walks next time.

As for the programme itself, goodness it was slow-moving, wasn’t it? And it was quite amusing to see so many options given, and often most of them would all be worth the same amount of points for those doing it on pen and paper. Presumably the calculations were more subtle for those who did the test by ‘pressing red’. It still looked a bit silly on the screen though, and it felt terribly time consuming.

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