Still keeping up?

Okay, so now apparently the Michelin teams aren’t guilty of anything.

“New evidence” has come up pointing out that the teams were obliged to follow Michelin’s safety advice, and therefore were not at fault. Except everybody knew that all the time, so goodness knows what the FIA are up to.

I’ve given up trying to understand the FIA. I suppose we should just be thankful that this is all over and that the sport can now (hopefully) move on.

Update: The official Formula 1 website is asking for people’s views on two particular proposals for qualifying systems for 2006. I voted for proposal two, although the smaller teams may not be too happy with that as it will not guarantee them television time.

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  1. I’ve just voted for proposal two as well. I reckon it’d make qualifying a lot more interesting.
    As a fan, I would worry that it’ll make the actual races even less eventful though. Fewer drivers are likely to be “out of position” on the grid so there might be even less overtaking (hard to imagine I know).
    Bah, it was all so much better back in the good old days…