FIA release survey results

The FIA have released the results of their survey.

94% want more overtaking. No shit. 6% of people really want less (or, presumably, the same amount of) overtaking?

Although 80% say that technology sets Formula 1 apart from other forms of motor sport, three quarters still want there to be more emphasis on driver skill. A bit of a contradiction there, which kind of underlines one of the problems with Formula 1: what exactly is it? Is it about teams, cars or drivers? The answer is that it’s a balance of all three, but what’s the right balance?

Interestingly, Silverstone is the third most popular circuit. Not bad for a race under seemingly permanent threat. Spa — a circuit which was ridiculously taken away from the calendar for a year a couple of years ago — is quite rightly above it, with Monaco unsurprisingly in first place.

Update: Ah, but what did the fans say about the FIA? What could they possibly be hiding I wonder?

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