1. I think a “Bring Back Hamish” campaign must be on the cards. You really think he’s been found out?

    As a relative newcomer to all this, I’d be curious to know who you think he works for (I suspect it’d be best email me if you did fancy spilling the beans on that though.)

  2. I know, but Hamish made a private request to refrain from advertising the info – to which I complied, in a sense of bloggerly comradeship.

    I do suspect that he has been “caught”, but I sincerely hope that he will not be unfairly persecuted. As Doctorvee says: it wasn’t too difficult to guess.

  3. […] And where on earth are the representatives of the country’s second-largest political party, the SNP? Just about the only decent SNP blogger I can think of is Stuart Dickson, who was responsible for the excellent Independence blog, which sadly hasn’t been updated for a year. Indeed, the Scottish political blogosphere is almost as notable for the great bloggers who have fallen by the wayside. Remember Lost in Westminster? Lost is the word. […]