Summer holiday

I’ve not been blogging very much recently, and when I have it’s more often than not been about Formula 1. I even wrote a lengthy post about a Formula 1 video game just there!

It’s partly because I can’t think of anything to write about, but mostly because the holiday, as I’ve been telling everybody (and it really does feel like everybody) has been so hectic!

Usually I find holidays so terribly boring, but somehow I keep on finding stuff to do. Never a dull moment, and if there is then I’ll just do that thing that I’ve been meaning to do for ages anyway.

Rothko (RIP)This evening we had the police round because some fucking wanker was shooting through my window. I was out of the room last night when a pellet hit my Rothko print which I only just photographed a couple of weeks ago. Glass everywhere. You can imagine what I thought when my friends said “it just fell off the wall.” At the same time the window was making terrible creaking noises; I thought the window was going to break aswell, so I closed it.

Last night and this morning / afternoon I was busy. When we got back this evening and my mother took a look she realised that what I had thought was a screw was actually some kind of pellet. There were three of them. That’s what the noises at the window were aswell. That also explained the funny mark on the top of the window sill. My window was being bloody shot at; the ones that came in through the gap caused damage to two walls and a picture.

It’s not the damage that angers me though. There were five people in my room last night. Having seen the marks on the walls, I am in no doubt that somebody would have been seriously injured if they had been hit.

Oh well. On a lighter note here is a picture I took from Stirling Castle today.

Garden at Stirling Castle


  1. Bastards! I hope they catch whoever it was. If they do they will be guilty of a very serious offence indeed and, if old enough, will certainly do time. Please keep us informed on what progress, if any, the police make. Not withstanding the danger to person and property that this person put you through, it is exactly this kind of behaviour that reflects badly upon the rest of us and leads us to getting screwed over. I’d love to see some of these buggers screwed over instead.

  2. Bloody hell! That’s well rough. Hope you’re ok and all. I presume they were wearing hoodies…

  3. Haha probably, yeah.

    We’re all okay. We didn’t notice any of the pellets coming in that evening. Well I did, but I thought it was part of the frame that fell off the wall. But the following day when we realised that they were actually pellets of some sort it all made sense.

    Thankfully nobody was hit though — it could have been very much worse.