July 2005

2005 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

So, that’s added an extra bit of much-needed spice to the championship. Alonso and Renault having a bad day? About time! It wasn’t a bad race at all. The first lap was very exciting. The Hungaroring is meant to be notoriously difficult to overtake at, so all the drivers knew that the first corner was […]

Quali folly

Ever since the qualifying format was changed in 2003, people have never quite been fully happy with qualifying. Formula 1’s self-styled “purists” want a return to the old-style twelve-laps-in-an-hour free-for-all. They forget that people weren’t very happy with qualifying back then either. They forget that in the old system you were very lucky if anything […]

GP2 + A1GP > F1 ?

I watched GP2 on the television today. It’s meant to be the new feeder series for Formula 1. Before GP2 there was Formula 3000, which didn’t exactly churn out Formula 1 World Champions. Most successful Formula 1 drivers seem to come from nowhere these days (like Kimi Räikkönen). Although Fernando Alonso spent a year in […]

Kicking the habit, F1-style

New legislation designed to stop tobacco advertising comes into force tomorrow. This ought to mean that today would be the last day we would see cigarette logos on Formula 1 cars. But this is Formula 1 we’re talking about — that’s just asking too much. Some teams are sensible enough to call it a day […]

Silly season

This weekend it’s a motorsport special on this blog. No particular occasion, just the fact that I’ve got loads to write about it at the moment. So if you’re not into it, sorry. The Hungarian Grand Prix tends to be the part of the Formula 1 season where the “silly season” — when everybody speculates […]

Blog Depression

What Everyone Shoud Know About Blog Depression. Funny, and of course true! (The fact that I haven’t written a proper (non-aside) post for over a day would have had me panicking a year ago. Now I can’t be arsed.) Via Plasticbag.