June 2005

Book tag

I see I’ve been tagged again by this book meme that’s been going around blogs for the past few months. Because of my *ahem* sporadic reading habits, I won’t follow the conventional questionnaire format. How many books do I own? Who knows? I think, because of my age, I keep on chucking old books out. […]

2005 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Another great race! Perhaps not the best race in terms of racing, but it was certainly incident-packed. You wouldn’t expect anything else from the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit though. Like qualifying, the race result was a wee bit skewed, with both Ferraris on the podium, Massa grabbing fourth place and Webber aswell as both Red Bulls […]


I usually reserve any comments I may have about qualifying until after the race, but today’s times are just too weird. There really is no shortage of talking points this season, and every time you think things are beginning to settle down, everything changes again. I mean, Button on pole? I knew he was going […]


I just upgraded to WordPress While I’m talking about admin type stuff, not all of my posts have been appearing on Bloglines recently, for me anyway. I don’t think it’s Bloglines’ fault, because I haven’t had any problems reading any other blogs with it. Hopefully any problems have been fixed now.

Scottish political blogs

There have been a few discussions recently, particularly at Stuart Dickson’s blog, about the possibility of Scottish political blog directories, aggregators, and so on. Now Stuart Dickson has set up a brand new blog, Scottish Political Blogs Review. This is a great idea! Stuart’s definition of a Scottish political blog: “a blog written by a […]

Ravenscraig Fire

My friend Alan would like to bring this to your attention. He wants the fame apparently. There’s not much nice scenery, but plenty of raw sausages and fugly Duncans.