June 2005

Geldof is wrong AGAIN

Touts and twats, or, selling a concert ticket does not hurt an African. Update: You missed the eBay boat, Bob. Update: The comments to that post make interesting reading. It’s ironic how easily the fawning media forget that Saint Bob made his name and fortune capitalising on a fatal high school shooting. A message for […]

F1 on the up

The highly exciting season means that Formula 1 audiences are on the up, particularly in the UK where ITV1’s coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix was up 50% on last year!

Gmail go slow

Has anybody else been having problems with Gmail in the past week or so? A lot of the time it seems to take an age to load up. What’s the point in having broadband if it takes so long just to check your email?

Feeds should be fixed

It was brought to my attention that I was having yet another problem with feeds. I’ve managed to fix it though. Hurrah! If there are any more problems though, please let me know.

Steel on Geldof

David Steel has some things to say about Bob Geldof. I can’t say I disagree. “If he sticks to the message and cuts out the histrionics he would get on a lot better.”

MSN freedom

MSN Spaces has banned words such as “democracy” and “freedom” for Chinese users.

Smokes at 18?

MSPs set to raise legal age for buying cigarettes to 18. Hmm. I’m not at all sure about this. Sixteen-year-olds are smart enough to know that cigarettes are bad for you. And obviously this legislation would hardly stop under-18s — or under-16s for that matter — getting cigarettes. This sort of age is very confusing […]