June 2005

Murky letters

Murky has received replies from his MP and the Department for Constitutional Affairs — the latter is almost identical to the one I received.

Rubber Johnny

A DVD landed on my doormat this morning. It’s the latest short film from the weirdo-director Chris Cunningham, who has directed music videos for Autechre, Björk and Madonna, but is probably most famous for his award-winning videos for Aphex Twin. What the hell is Rubber Johnny though? The blurby synopsis thing on the websites probably […]

Freedom reminds us of something Tony Blair once said. When I pass protestors every day at Downing Street, and believe me, you name it, they protest against it, I may not like what they call me, but I thank God they can. That’s called freedom


Ryan Morrison with a post on ITV suddenly going all shy about the c-word — ‘celebrity’.

The myth of Saint Bob

What a cracking article by Andy Kershaw in The Independent. You should, of course, read it all, but here are some edited highlights: Geldof’s arrogance is breathtaking. First, he dismisses the idea of having Africans on his bill since, supposedly, they are not big enough draws. Now, outrageously, he is planning to corral the Africans […]

Patrick: Good for all the wrong reasons

Everywhere you go it seems to be Danica Patrick this, Danica Patrick that. Formula 1 websites are full of news about her, even though she has only tenuous links to Formula 1 itself. On, for instance, in the past couple of weeks we have had these stories: ‘Danica talks about F1’, ‘Patrick wing fetches […]

I love Helvetica

Helvetica is everywhere… Helvetica is lovely. Check it out — Warp Records even features (quite right too; they can’t seem to get enough of Helvetica themselves). (Via.)