June 2005

I am not a nationality

John B asks, “English? Wossat then?” Many bits of the administrative region called England – London, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Newcastle-and-surroundings, Manchester-and-surroundings, Scouseland-and-surroundings and Cumbria, for starters – all have regional identities that are far stronger than any ‘English’ identity. I obviously don’t know well enough because I’m not English. But from this not-very-distant distance it certainly […]


I was going to post about this yesterday but I forgot due to my Formula 1 fume (which is still going on today). Third Avenue has another great post at The Sharpener, about what “anti-Americanism” is supposed to be exactly. I have often felt that it is just an attempt by those on the right […]

Morbid curiosity

Morbid curiosity? ITV1’s ratings for the United States Grand Prix were good — only slightly down from the Canadian Grand Prix, peaking at almost 6 million viewers. You have to say, it’s certainly got people talking about F1…

Error rectified

As I hoped, Nick Robinson is back as the BBC’s Political Editor. Of course Robinson is a former Young Conservative. When will those lefties at the BBC learn?

2005 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix

This is my fourth post in a row about Formula 1, but I’m not apologising for that. Well, that was … comical, embarassing, farcical, suicidal. There are any number of words you could use, but none of them refer to the racing because there wasn’t any. It’s difficult to know what to say. We knew […]

The death of F1 in America

I am not in the least bit surprised to find out that Ferrari are the only ones who are holding things up. The nine other teams — including the other Bridgestone runners — have agreed to race if a chicane is put in. Ferrari’s policy has been to put lives at risk today for the […]

Voice of reason?

Is this the voice of reason? Just over two hours until the United States Grand Prix starts, and there still isn’t a solution to the whole messy situation. Ridiculous, depressing, and embarassing for the sport.

End the F1 tyre fiasco

For a while now, I have wanted to see the end of the tyre war in Formula 1. When Bridgestone first entered Formula 1, joining Goodyear in 1997, I was quite excited about it. Another variable; can’t be a bad thing, right? And it wasn’t at first. But since Michelin entered the fray Formula 1 […]

English literature: dumb

I have always maintained that Media Studies does not represent a “dumbing down”. Usually people will say something like, “Media Studies is growing and English isn’t, and all Media Studies is is watching films, so that must be dumbing down.” But if it is the case that all Media Studies is is watching films, then […]