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Glasgow claims to be Scotland’s friendliest city but a closer examination reveals that usually means a one-sided conversation at a bus stop leading to a plea for 20p.

Stephen Jardine in the Edinburgh Evening News (via Newsblog).

My mother comes from Glasgow and claims it’s a really friendly place. I don’t believe her. The last time we went to Glasgow, some person who was about forty yards away shouted — rather rudely, in my opinion — at us, “Oi!, whatssa time?”

I thought the person could at least have walked up to ask, or said “excuse me” or something, instead of shouting and saying “oi”. But my mother said that he was being very friendly because he said “thank you” after we had already told him the time…

She’s so disappointed that I’m from the east of Scotland and feel no connection to Glasgow. But she’s the one who sent me to Edinburgh to go to university, so wtf?


  1. I was in Glasgow yesterday and the people were nice on the whole. Even went into a council estate pub between flats and it was friendly, guy was asking about Kirkcaldy! Most people I met were pissed and/or drugged to the eyeballs though. The joys of an Oasis gig!

  2. Having lived there for the past 8 months, I think i have a good basis to comment. A lot of the locals leave a lot to be desired, but it’s MUCH MUCH MUCH more friendly than Kirkcaldy. I can’t emphasise that enough. Kirkcaldy is a horrible, unfriendly as hell place.

    A thing you need to consider, is per population, Glasgow is the most student based city in the UK. Which means it’s a very diverse place, and depending on where you are, it can be friendly or not. The West end is very friendly, the city centre can go either way, and the east end is avoidable. I don’t know about the south.

    I need to say it again, Kirkcaldy is one unfriendly place. It makes me feel uncomfortable being here.

  3. Been here a year. Beats London by a long shot. Still somewhat intimidating when I can’t understand a word of some folk I encounter (not least my neighbours, who no doubt think the worse of me as a result of my neutral responses to every question). But at least the people here talk to each other.

  4. One thing going for Glasgow – you have Big Issue sellers who are incredibly nice to you- that seems to be lacking here. I’ve seen some ridiculous stuff from some big issue sellers here.

  5. Jon said:
    >One thing going for Glasgow – you have Big
    >Issue sellers who are incredibly nice to you-
    >that seems to be lacking here.
    If ‘here’ is the langtoun, then I don’t agree. There’s a guy who’s “pitch” is tween car park and swimming pool, and he’s very friendly and approachable – kids are disappointed if he ain’t there. That said, never had any real problems with BI sellers, definitely preferable to the “in your face” beggars who’ve pestered you in Edinburgh. 🙁 (yes I know they’ve gotta live too…)

  6. There used to be a cool Big Issue seller at the University campus in Edinburgh on Bristo Square. He seemed like a cheery chap indeed.