Mince salad

Google Earth is pretty cool.

But I have one question.

Why does Edinburgh suddenly become a greeny-purpley mass of ugliness past Murrayfield?

Why the ugliness?

It looks like mince salad. Kirkcaldy also looks like this.

When you zoom out, it looks like just about the whole of the UK (and no doubt much of the world) is like this, save for a few squares here and there which go into more detail. One of these squares almost entirely covers the Firth of Forth, and a bit of a town called Gullane, which I have never heard of.

Mind you, it might be a mis-spelling. All of a sudden there is a town near me called Birntisland.

Update: Cross-posted at Broken Doll.


  1. You think Birntisland is bad. On a BA flight to New York recently, bored out of my mind I switched over to the flight plotter, to find my home town of Aberystwyth in Wales had been renamed ‘Alberto Lee’ by the software. You’ve got to wonder where that came from.

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