Mosley on tyres

Here’s what Max Mosley said about tyres after this year’s European Grand Prix.

If you are in any doubt about your car, you should always call it in. If you are still in doubt after checking the car in the pits, you should retire it from the race.

That’s exactly what Michelin did on Sunday. So what’s Mosley complaining about? The thing is, even after admitting that their tyres were unsafe Michelin did everything in their power to get a race going ahead. Putting safety first and putting on a show is the job of the governing body. The FIA failed to do either on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the fans respond and the fans respond.

Here’s a wonderful quote from part 3:

The sport has a governing body, which is supposed to govern a sport. There is “Formula One Management” – supposedly managing the commercial interests of Formula One. There is also a Race Director, who is supposed to direct a race. What will they say they were doing this weekend if anyone asks?

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