Gmail go slow

Has anybody else been having problems with Gmail in the past week or so? A lot of the time it seems to take an age to load up. What’s the point in having broadband if it takes so long just to check your email?


  1. Have you tried clearing your cache? My GMail worked better after doing that, although that was in the early days…

  2. I’ve not been able to call up the log in screen for gmail.I’ve not been able to check my mails for two(2) days now

  3. I noticed their mail servers are slow (maybe just today?). I was actually testing my Comcast server by emailing from Comcast to gmail. it’s been 15 min and the message still isn’t in my inbox (2x checked “Sent” Folder and gmail Spam folder)! I then mailed to my Yahoo! account and it showed up within a minute. Then I sent out from gmail to Yahoo and it took just short of 10 minutes. I sent mail to my Comcast from Yahoo and gmail and Yahoo was faster by 3 minutes. What this tells me is Comcast and Yahoo! do not have such mail server issues. LOL Anyway, that’s the “slowness” I’m experiencing with them.

  4. Gmail loads so Sloooooow.
    Attachments? Forget it
    It certainly has many great features but I wish google would do something to fix this. I have searched the web hi and low and no fix available as yet. Boy if anyone finds something post it somewhere where we can find it.
    Think I will write to Google and see if they are aware of the problem

  5. Gmail is the slowest mail on the planet. Takes forever to load on dialup. I hardly ever read my Gmail, but love my Yahoo mail.

  6. Gmail slow?…it has stopped on me more than a few times lately… growing pains i guess. I hope it is fixed and more reliable, to me now, its a spt in the wind type thingy…

  7. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle is Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooading.

    I used to love it, but they better do something fast or I’m dropping it. Other AJAX is coming to compete. Google is becoming M$.

  8. In the past week or so, Gmail has become incredibly slow for me, especially downloading attachments! I used to download attachments at around 500-600, sometimes 1000 kilobytes/second (in the middle of the night). Now it won’t go above 120. I’ve checked my ISP’s (Comcast) downstream bandwidth, and it’s fine. I’m not sure what’s going on.


  9. No points for guessing. Yet another post complaining about Gmail being slow. I’m waiting for it to load now actually. 😛

    That said, it does have a wonderful attachment ability. It just grabs files you’ve attached from digital cameras without the need to actually hunt and d/l and install the required driver. At least for my camera.

    Very handy on the run. That few mins I wait for that process to occur is still faster than finding and installing the driver on a cyber cafe computer.

  10. Yes I have been having the same problem lately. I have noticed loggng in via Https seems to improve my chances of being able to send an email.

  11. Gmail is so slow or fails completely. It’s becoming a serious problem as I lose the upload after writing a complicated reply and am unable either to save or send. Copying the document to another program to wait out the problem is a cumbersome workaround.

    Meanwhile, not a word from Gmail to explain/suggest/promise improvements.

  12. you’re right… gmail is slow. i always send up to 10MB every hour but lately it became slow and worst it doesnt send anymore. I use a high speed wifi dsl in iMac Core Duo

  13. Yeah… I originally wrote my post last June. At first it seemed to be affecting different people at different times, but I’m hearing a lot more people complaining about Gmail and Google Talk at the moment. I have to say it’s not too bad for me at the moment…

  14. Have the same problem. Gmail ingredibly slow. However I think one reason to blame is that there is quite a few people who use gmail for sharing movies. In fact there is a Firefox plugin which allows you to use gmail as an external harddrive.

  15. I also have problems, but sending only. My mails don’t get sent.
    For a more technical analysis of the problem, I captured the transmission with Ethereal, and got several warnings for packets of types: Duplicate ACK, Retransmission and Window update.
    This probably means that packets are getting lost and or arriving to google in disorder.
    Any ideas? How do I know the problem is definetely not mine? Or my ISP’s?

  16. I am becoming incredibly frustrated with Gmail being so slow, especially during ‘peak’ hours. I get so frustrated that I actually start getting headaches. I need my files, I need my emails, I need google to fix this mess!

  17. Yes, Gmail has been very slow for me as well of late, particularly when you go to the detailed view of an email.

  18. Gmail is actually slow. I am very much tired because I am not able to open inbox.
    Yahoo mail is excellent in its new beta form.

    From Nepal

  19. I can’t believe how slow gmail is…and I can’t back track,…my brother uses yahoo email and its 100000 faster. I have cable, and the speed is fine…gmail just sucks

  20. It’s slowing because of the rapid growth in users and the fancy java features. The bad news is that Yahoo mail beta is even slower.

    Google needs to put on more servers.

  21. Also experiencing slowness, particularly frustrating but I found removing some of the features like Googles “Personalized Home” made quite a big difference. I guess these all drag on the server.

  22. Yes it is getting slower & slower day by day & i am receiving error messages too.
    PLEASE Do something about it or…..

  23. It’s not that every gmail account running on a particular machine can be deadly slow as i experienced. While most accounts run normally some unfortunate ones happen to encounter some unknown problems and go nowhere.

    I’m sure that Gmails must be served across a large number of physical mail-servers. Those trouble accounts must actually reside on some servers which got hung at that time. After these servers are properly rebooted those affected accounts would get back to live again.

    The best practice is to inform the problem to Google’s technical supports using other working Google account, hotmail, or yahoo mail. I’m sure that your crippled Gmail accounts would spring up back again in a short time.

  24. my gmail has been very slow lately as well. but the major issue is that at my home pc, gmail opens up automatically in Basic View, and when i switch to HTML it is unbeleivably slow. this never used to happen. but at my work pc, gmail opens up in HTML view. i’m not sure what to do about this. i’m running IE 6.0 @ home but not sure which at the office. anyone know what i can do to prevent it from opening in Basic?

  25. Yep very very slow over the weekend and now Tuesday it is as bad. – Driving me nuts is there an answer or is it a case of just waiting ????????

  26. My biggest problem with Gmail is that you can’t have it in the UK unless you know someone who already has it. Now how do you spell “elitist crock of shit?”

  27. Well, that’s to stop spammers from using Gmail. It might not work 100%, but I think it’s a pretty good idea. It’s not as if there isn’t a surplus of Gmail invites going around. I have 200. Do you want one?

  28. GMail is very very slow in last two weeks and believe me I have not changed a single setting. All other sites are working fine while google, gmail, orkut are slow. And this is when I am working on broadband.

  29. I thought it was just me or that something was wrong with my internet conenction. It it TURTLE slow on my computer, but a little faster on my work computer. Something is up with Gmail.

  30. Hi guys…
    anyone else on gmail having problems ?
    gmail is fine on adsl, but on my 3g card i can surf net no problem, talk on google talk no problem, but i cannot reply to any gmail mail. also cannot compose and send attachments. can recieve mail fine.
    thought it was my beta firefox im using so tried IE but still same problem.
    sometimes can reply to a mail but not always, especially if there is an attachment in it…
    but gmail is fine on adsl so i know its not gmail themselves. 2 friends have also complained about their gmail on 3g today..

  31. Its so slow it may be worth trying the post man again. It takes so long to down load work attachments I must now consider a new email address

  32. I am a proud Gmail user. Never worrying about email size, incredibly fast reply (powered by AJAX, a technology often used by Google), Web Clips,
    automatic forwarding, one button – click search, advanced filters, labels and not folders, message preview, automatic refresh, auto-save messages,as-good-as-yahoomail spam filters, not one executable to be sent or received, feeling of having a different technology? A definite recommendation for
    anyone that reads more than one email per day.
    Have you tried Gmail? If yes, what's your taste on it? Why do you love it/hate it?

  33. it’s getting worse by the day. i guess, they have been hacked… once upon a time, i really admired google for getting innovations done – i guess they go down the drain as well. time to sell their shares…

  34. i find it’s been slower (by double say) to load up my inbox, send emails with or without attachments, browse through my messages. I was thinking it was maybe some virus or bug i had that caused IE to run slower when visiting but havn’t been able to find any documentation on the web about that.

    I don’t plan on moving though, it handles all my emails for fwd’ing and redir’ting to my blackberry in ways hotmail cannot. i left hotmail after 10 years for gmail.

    i do have faith google will fingure a way out to speed it up. one thing i was wondering about is it cause i have got 500 megs used in my 2.8 gigs that causes it to load slowly?

  35. Is it so that the growing population using gmail is the real problem here? I configured my Outlook Express to receive my Gmail and was working wonderfully till about 6 months, Right now is almost impossible to send a mail with a picture attached. I have tried sending my message directly from the net (not using Outlook) and have failed, so it does not seem to be an outlook or Antivirus problem. I was so happy with Gmail…I guess it is time to move to a less congested mail service,

  36. Mine has been sooooo slow at login, opening mail, contacts….anything I try to do in gmail is a serious task. Started about a week ago.

  37. I can’t send an attachment today and neither can I upload photas via picasa.

    Stephen Barber

  38. I have ultra high speed internet, and the darn thing is as slow as hotmail with a dial up modem, very disappointed in Google

  39. Hi, Yeah I have had the same things happen to me Gmail loaded so slow I almost went to yahoo but I was looking at it, Thinking of a way to fix it and, All you have to do is switch back to the older version you can find the link to change it back at the top of the page on the right hand corner it looks like this. | Settings | Older Version | Help | Sign out

    I just clicked that and every thing is as fast as ever I never even knew that they came up with a new version but what ever, Any way try it and tell me if it works for you


  40. Changing to the older version might be fine, but I can never get into my email to do that!.. its been real slow to the point that the page keeps timing out.

    I love gmail but I also need to use my email! so I’m going to have to start looking elsewhere…..unless they fix the issues very soon.

  41. google says my case is because of the McAfee siteadvisor, you need to tell macfee trust google website…

  42. Boss!! i tried to find above all Question and answer.. no one is wrote currect..please help me why it is slow? last 15days i am getting problem also with, other site r fine..

  43. tell me about it, i can load the login page for less than 1 sec, but after login into my acc, it become incredibly slow. I dont know if it was my computer or GMail problem, it can’t be my internet, because i’m using Comcast highspeed. Wat the point of increase the storage to 6.5gb or higher when it too slow, i can barely send a 10mb attachment.

  44. gmail is pathetically slow
    it doesn´t go over 7kbps and has always been like 100kbps

    it´s terrible
    I always send big files – around 8 to 10 mb from work, usually high definition graphics and now it´s a real pain to download from home

    Gmail used to be the best but I am heavily considering switching for another one.

    too bad, but with this incredibily slow transfer rate it´s just like going back the old days of dial up connection

    it´s just ridiculous
    how come the all mighty cannot provide their users a decent transfer rate??

    what´s the use of all those GIGs if all you can get is 7kbps??


  45. Had Broadband for just a few months now and these last few weeks seems to be getting slower and slower. Also,has just not opened up twice. Had to turn off,then try again later. Not a good advert for broadband!


  47. This is getting really aggravating. Even in the HTML. Then you have to wait for that to load and you have to manually find addresses. I thought it was going to be so great to have Gmail. Boy was I wrong. I’ve already switched everything over an now, I’m going to have to switch to yahoo. Grr.

  48. GMail has sucked for a week.
    The worst thing is a “send”
    it can take a minute just to say “thanks”

    Otherwise it is bad but send is horrendous

  49. I am facing the problem to login gmail it is very slow please help me Thanks

  50. Ya I found all the Google product like gmail, Orcut etc. runiing very slow on BSNL Broadband (dataone) I dont know why? Solution expected……………

  51. YES!!



  52. My G mail account is opening very very slow, not to mention to view my messages takes forever. I used to complain last year with Yahoo but now G mail is worst!
    I like g mail better but this last month is been a hassle.