I just upgraded to WordPress While I’m talking about admin type stuff, not all of my posts have been appearing on Bloglines recently, for me anyway. I don’t think it’s Bloglines’ fault, because I haven’t had any problems reading any other blogs with it. Hopefully any problems have been fixed now.


  1. Has the problem gone away with the upgrade? I think I’m having the same problem. And sometimes my RSS feed is just blank.

  2. Which version of WordPress are you using? There was a known problem with feeds on WP 1.5.1 which was fixed for

    I’ve just managed to fix another RSS problem by upgrading one of my plugins! It’s amazing how much havoc a wee plugin can cause sometimes.

  3. Which plugin is it?

    I think I’m on 1.5.1. I’ll upgrade to later and see if that helps.

  4. It was the Popularity Contest plugin. I was using an old beta version of it; updating it to Version 1.0 fixed the problem.

    But if you’re on 1.5.1 then just upgrading to the latest version should sort it out.