I usually reserve any comments I may have about qualifying until after the race, but today’s times are just too weird. There really is no shortage of talking points this season, and every time you think things are beginning to settle down, everything changes again.

I mean, Button on pole? I knew he was going to be fast (BAR are really getting their act back together now), but pole?! Of course, he could be light on fuel, as Heidfeld was at Nürburgring. But Button says he’s surprised, and apparently the BAR mechanics looked equally surprised (I don’t know yet, because qualifying wasn’t shown live; I had to make to with Five Live Sports Xtra’s (good, as it turned out) coverage). Takuma Sato is also right up there now.

And that’s not the only surprise. Michael Schumacher is second, seemingly thanks to the third sector alone. Juan Pablo Montoya is ahead of Räikkönen, and Räikkönen himself is way down in 7th. Apparently it was just a scrappy lap in general! Albers did well, propelling his Minardi above the bottom four, getting ahead of Klien’s Red Bull.

Villeneuve was very fast, ahead of Massa aswell as the Toyotas, the Red Bulls, the Williams. All of those teams did extremely poorly in qualifying, particularly Williams. There is just no excuse for that terrible performance — especially after their fantastic Monaco and European Grands Prix.

Even though I already know the result, watching qualifying this evening is going to be very interesting — just to see what the hell was going on!

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