Scottish and Grampian opt-outs

The SMG channels are planning sub-opts in our local news bulletins.

Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s a bit of a sucker-punch — the perception is that Scottish TV and Grampian TV are now practically the same channel in every respect apart from the name (and local bulletin).

The problem Scottish TV faces is that its rival, BBC Scotland, is a truly national broadcaster — Scottish TV just has the bit in the middle. So Scottish TV’s news bulletin, erroneously called Scotland Today, should obviously technically only cover news that falls within the boundaries of Scottish TV’s ITV region. But it doesn’t.

The border isn’t that far north of where I live — on the south of Fife. Just a few miles away in Glenrothes a lot of people get Grampian TV. But it is not unusual for Scotland Today to feature news from somewhere in the Grampian region, like, say, Aberdeen or Perth.

So Scottish TV doesn’t give us a regional bulletin in what is already a reasonably large region. Now they’re going to be splitting that region into two (if I understand the article correctly).

Who knows though, it might work. Scotland’s media — especially the broadcasters — are very Glasgow-centric. Some people in the east call Scottish TV ‘Weegie TV’. I just hope the new bulletin doesn’t become too Edinburgh-centric!

Hasn’t the BBC been planning similar ‘mini-regions’ aswell?

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