Getting a life

I just had a look at the front page of this blog and found that the eight previous posts are all asides. Oops.

I’ve not been blogging so much because it’s summer, which is a time when you sort of get a life and stuff.

I’ve been on three separate excursions, all somewhere along the coast of Fife, armed with a camera. Take a look if you want — I promise you they’re not all as boring as that first one.

I’ve been using Autostitch, which is an excellent program that stitches together photographs automatically. You know, when something’s too big and you have to take a few photos to get it all in. The results are fantastic.

Culross Abbey

Isn’t that just great? The program is ridiculously simple to use aswell — highly recommended! I think I first heard about Autostitch on New Links, so thanks to them aswell!

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