Tone deaf?

I’m quite disturbed by this.

There’s a CD in my collection, ‘Clarence Park’ by Chris Clark, that I’ve had for a few years now. I had the urge to listen to one of the tracks this evening. ‘Bricks’ was the track. And it now sounds different. I can’t explain this. There’s nothing wrong with the CD, because it’s the same with the MP3. It’s quite unsettling. Why does the track sound different all of a sudden?

Is this what they call becoming tone deaf?


  1. I had a similar experience with Oasis, I put it down to waking up to the fact that they are shit.

  2. Have you changed speakers or headphones? A good pair of ‘phones can make a huge difference. I switched from cheapo Sony’s to a pair of Beyerdynamic’s and I’ve heard instruments in some of my fav tracks that I hadn’t noticed before. Or you could be going deaf… =8-o

  3. Well, I tried with headphones and without headphones and then on the computer aswell. It was very strange. I think I must just have actually thought that it sounded different to what it actually did sound like. Very odd.

  4. That’s very odd you should bring that up because I tried to listen to my Chris Clark album last week (the one after ‘Clarence Park’ – I forget the name) and the CD is proper fucked. It whistles on all the high notes and what I initially thought was supposed to be there turned out to be an awful glitch on the disc. Maybe Clark’s been the victim of some aural voodoo?