June 2005

The tone of blogs

Nosemonkey has a brilliant post at The Sharpener. At the dispatch box Michael Howard rises and says to Tony Blair, “Would the Rt. Hon. gentleman agree that the latest MRSA figures are a disaster and a shocking indictment of his government’s failed NHS strategy?”. Blair gets up to respond, but instead turns round to his […]

Quote of the day

Glasgow claims to be Scotland’s friendliest city but a closer examination reveals that usually means a one-sided conversation at a bus stop leading to a plea for 20p. —Stephen Jardine in the Edinburgh Evening News (via Newsblog). My mother comes from Glasgow and claims it’s a really friendly place. I don’t believe her. The last […]

I just upgraded to WordPress It was easy peasy, but if there are any problems please let me know. Update: I’ve also updated the blogroll, for what looks like the first time in almost two months. Apologies to the good bloggers whose writing I have discovered in that period for taking so long to […]

Place, rules, values

Harry’s Place, Harry’s rules, Harry’s values. I have to say I have grown tired of Harry’s Place, and I too found the little exchange on pretty pathetic. I have never deleted a single legitimate (ie. non-spam) comment from this blog, and I’m proud of it.

Anti smoking

Last night was when I changed my mind about the upcoming ban on smoking in public places again. You see, initially I was in favour of the ban for purely selfish reasons, because I don’t smoke you see. Then I sympathised with the libertarian argument. Nobody forces me to go into a smoky pub. It […]

The World Council decides

Well, it was a nervous day to be a Formula 1 fan. But it turned out to be not as bad as I had expected. The Michelin teams were found: guilty of failing to ensure that they were in possession of suitable tyres for the 2005 US Grand Prix; but with strong, mitigating circumstances This […]

Mince salad

Google Earth is pretty cool. But I have one question. Why does Edinburgh suddenly become a greeny-purpley mass of ugliness past Murrayfield? It looks like mince salad. Kirkcaldy also looks like this. When you zoom out, it looks like just about the whole of the UK (and no doubt much of the world) is like […]