Make blandness history… please

BBC News:

Madonna, Coldplay, REM, Dido, Sir Paul McCartney and Keane are among the artists confirmed for the London event [Live 8].

I know they need to get big names if they want to raise awareness, but really, they couldn’t have made it any more boring if they tried.


  1. To be honest, Coldplay and REM are great live *experience*, the rest are shite and boring though. They should liven it up with a rock band or two.

  2. I wouldn’t say no to seeing REM in all honesty. Who would you prefer to be in the line up?

  3. A mate of mine is involved with the booking side of Live 8 and apparently The Spice Girls signed up last Wednesday but are stringing out confirming it for publicity reasons…

  4. madonna?! BORING?! i’m gonna kick ur ass. U2 are also playing and theres i’ve seen online rumours that Pink Floyd will be there too.

  5. Alright, well maybe Madonna’s alright, and REM have maybe two good songs. But there’s no excuse for Keane or Dido.

  6. I must admit to being a closet Coldplay fan, and they are the loudest band I’ve ever seen live, but yes… the rest is shit and boring.

    But to be fair, I don’t think they would get quite a big a crowd if the bill was made up of Sigur Ros, the Fiery Furnaces and the Arcade Fire.

    At least Embrace are not there.

  7. Yup.

    I actually bought the first two Coldplay albums, but I never listen to them any more…

    Last night I realised I should have called this post ‘Bland Aid’.

  8. I remember seeing Coldplay on an NME tour in 1999/2000 and they were first on supporting Les Rythems Digatales and Campag Velocet. The place was deserted when they were on so they got chatty with the few people who were there and since then I’ve aways had a soft spot for them… I’ve never bought ‘owt of there’s mind.

  9. Can’t say their my cup of Earl Grey… but at least they’ll play instruments instead of that computer generated techno crap you keep wittering on about.