Gordon Brown and others have their say (pt. 2)

Another reply to my letter from Gordon Brown came this morning, with a photocopy of another one from the Department for Constitutional Affairs.

Dear Mr Stephen

I enclose a copy of a letter I have just received concerning the matter I raised on your behalf. As you will see a further letter will follow and I will get back to you once I receive this.

Yours sincerely

Gordon Brown MP

Dear Mr Brown,

[my address]

I refer to your letter of Tuesday 17th May 2005, addressed to The Department for Constitutional Affairs, about Electoral Reform.

Your letter was received on Thursday 19th May 2005 and the Minister aims to reply within 20 working days. However, if we anticipate a delay, I will inform you as soon as possible.

I shall also contact you again if, after considering your letter further, it appears that another Department may deal with it more appropriately.

If you would like to speak to someone in this office about your letter…

And so it goes on.

My name is still correct, but now my address is wrong, on each letter, in different ways.

Kudos to Mr Brown for forwarding my letter to the Department for Constitutional Affairs. But I’m kind of amazed that they don’t have a response ready and waiting. I can’t be the only person writing letters about the voting system. Perhaps it’s different with my query about the possibility of an English Parliament.