Relying on the BBC

I rely on the BBC too much. I always like to go to sleep with the radio on, and I usually listen to BBC Radio Five Live. But after midnight practically everything ground to a halt, and instead of Up All Night we got a repeat of Five Live’s Sporting Century. Really, it was boring enough the first time round. (Today doesn’t sound much better. Repeats of Des Meets and Mark Kermode’s film reviews…)

I tried to listen to another station, but Radio 4’s World Service output was as bad as normal — sturdy news reports interspersed with terrible radio dramas. Radio 3’s Through the Night is off-putting if you’re trying to get to sleep. Radio 2… let’s not go there. Of course Radio Scotland’s output was exactly the same as Five Live’s. I ended up listening to Radio 1 until 3am until finally giving in and switching back to Five Live for good.

Meanwhile on BBC News 24 the change was immediately apparent. We got a repeat of an old BBC World bulletin (presumably 2200 GMT), with a big dirty “Recorded” DOG in the corner. There was a two-way with Nick Higham being asked about the BBC strike.

And will BBC programmes be affected by the strike?

Hmm, I wonder!

After 1am the news was presented by Akhtar Khan, who is usually a travel presenter on BBC World. Apparently he was reading the news on BBC World, News 24 and BBC One until 10am!


  1. Same here fella. I tend to nod off to a bit of ‘Up All Night’ on 5Live and was properly put out last night when it was the 100 Greatest Sports Moments… EVER!

  2. Being forced to listen to Radio1 – wow, that’s “cruel and unusual punishment”! What about the commercial stations – Forth, Kingdom, Real, et al. Failing that there’s always Internet radio? Gotta agree that it was wierd tuning into BBC Breakfast TV and not seeing the usual crowd doing the presenting – still, suppose it gives some of the “B List” presenters a chance to get some primetime work…

  3. Whereas having the Today programme replaced by Just a Minute was wonderful. Rather than Straw or Blunkett whinging on, we have Merton and Linda Smith. Frankly, I wish they’d be on strike every day.