Yet more splits in the Tories

The gulf between Scottish Conservative MSPs in Holyrood and their Westminster couterparts is growing ever larger.

Murdo Fraser has now gone as far as saying that the Scottish Tories should break off from the Englandandwales party.

A leading Conservative MSP has suggested breaking away from the party south of the border.

Enterprise spokesman Murdo Fraser believes the move would end perceptions of being a predominantly English party.

I just cannot believe how much of a mess the Scottish Tories are in now. This once staunchly unionist party has been most affected by devolution. Conservative MSPs are now quietly in favour of devolution, realising that it’s the only way they have any form of influence in Scotland. The stance of MPs south of the border is still as hardline as ever.

Now some Conservative MSPs are actively seeking to break away from the party south of the border.

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Brian Monteith backed the idea.

He told the BBC’s Politics Show: “I think we have to strengthen the perception that Scottish Conservatives are indeed Scottish and have Scotland’s interests at heart.

“If that means raising our own money, being more independent, in fact being entirely independent from the British party, then we have to do that, if that’s what it takes to win elections.”

What an irony that the most anti-devolution party is now having to seriously take such drastic action into consideration! It is fair to say that all of the three UK-wide parties in the Scottish Parliament have seen their Scottish branches begin to evolve separately from the national party. But the Scottish Tories now look almost unrecognisable to their south-of-the-border “colleagues” with some seemingly unreconcilable differences.

If the party was to split (which I would have thought is still highly unlikely) what serious implications there would be. South of the border, the Conservatives could play the English card and would probably win well (don’t forget — it was the Tories who got the most votes in the General Election). Where would that leave unionists?

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