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Holyrood Chronicles:

Terry Wogan in the Sunday Telegraph:

For those of us for whom democracy is taken for granted, the Eurovision Song Contest may seem like a grandiose musical mediocrity. To the people of the Ukraine, it was a hymn to freedom.

This may have been written in jest, but there is here an essential truth. The Song Contest is one of the few ways that the Eastern European nations can proclaim their identity as part of Europe. A message for our politicians?

The Liberal Dissenter:

But the voting system is not entirely to blame. It has to be said that the songs entered by the four big countries were all poor, even by the standards of Eurovision. I get the impression that these countries have given up trying. In Eurovision, one must try even if one wants to do badly – like Moldova…

However, the British have to make up their minds about Eurovision. You can’t expect to win the contest if you treat it as a joke, by fielding a succession of piss-poor unknowns and then inviting Terry Wogan to send the whole thing up…

If we accept that Eurovision is a joke and decide to enjoy it as an irony-fest, righteous indignation is a wholly inappropriate response to the outcome. The fact that the UK performs consistently badly should not be any cause for concern. We should instead be happy to see assorted small Baltic and Balkan countries win the contest – after all, it still matters to them.


Terry Wogan was cross and as the programme ended he complained several times that the four countries that came last (Germany, France, Spain and the UK) actually contributed most to Eurovision. He’d grumbled his way through the show, moaned about the drumming, made racist comments about the Serbs and asked whether anyone actually knew where Moldova was?

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