Maximo Park — A Certain Trigger

Maximo Park -- A Certain TriggerDid you know that indie band Maximo Park (or is that Maxïmo Park?) are signed to the excellent techno label Warp Records?

Some might say that Maximo Park is Warp’s attempt to make a bit of cash; to ape the success of Domino’s signing of Franz Ferdinand. There’s probably some truth in that; it’s certainly what I thought at first. But to suggest that is to say that guitars are simply out of bounds for Warp, which is plainly not true. It was guitar-wielding bands that partly led me to investigate Warp further. Besides, it’s not as if there’s anything wrong with making some money. Maximo Park’s singles have probably been amongst the highest-charting Warp singles since LFO’s LFO back in 1991, which is nice.

Of course that doesn’t make them good though. I wasn’t interested in Maximo Park at all, and I was prepared to let the whole thing just pass me by. And by complete chance I happened to be flicking through the channels when Top of the Pops was on. And just when I flicked over to TOTP Maximo Park were announced. So I thought I’d watch it to see what was what with the band. I was blown away by the performance of Graffiti. I thought the days of being swung by a performance of TOTP were well and truly over, but that’s not the case with me! It was a good song and a great performance, and I realised that perhaps I should have a closer look at them.

And the album is fairly solid. Maximo Park, as Boomkat said, are not your run of the mill NME-endorsed knob-heads. They do not remind me of talent-vacuums like The Strokes and The White Stripes. They actually remind me of more inventive rockers like British Sea Power and another Warp signing in the early 1990s, Pulp.

The album is good alright, but is it great? I’m not too sure. The limited edition version comes with an extra live CD of a concert in Japan. All of the songs performed are tracks on the album, and the live CD doesn’t add very much. On the album itself there are some fantastic tracks — Apply Some Pressure, Now I’m All Over the Shop and Acrobat being amongst the notables — but apart from that the album kind of trundles along like any other rock album. Perhaps, though, these tracks will grow on me. I certainly am not sick of them, and I keep on wanting to listen to this album.

You want a score?: 3 out of 5

Update: Adam let me know about this interview with Maximo Park on Speakers Push the Air.