Gordon Brown has his say (or not)

Gordon Brown's letterSit up now Stuart, Gareth, Garry, Murky. Gordon Brown has replied to my letter.

Dear Mr Stephen

Thank you for your recent letter which I have forwarded to the appropriate department. I will contact you once I receive a reply.

Yours sincerely

Gordon Brown MP

I’m sure you’ll agree, it was definitely worth the wait, and the price of two first class stamps. At least he got my name right.

I think this is what they call “cutting bureaucracy”.


  1. If the Conservatives are adament that James Gray and Lord Forsyth are speaking out of turn, then why won’t they defend their own policy of English Votes on English Matters? Gareth Related Link: Scottish Constituencies (Members’ Voting Rights) Doctorvee gets a reply to his letter .

  2. Can’t say I’m gutted really. I didn’t expect an in-depth letter or anything. But some indication of his views would have been nice really.

  3. This is a disgrace, and it’s exactly what I have come to expect from politicians down here. You ask for their opinion and they refer your letter to the Dept of Constitutional Affairs or the ODPM.

    You should write back stating that you want his opinion.

  4. That’s called recycling. I suppose we should applaud him for not throwing reams of paper out.

  5. Gordon Brown and others have their say (pt. 2)

    Another reply to my letter from Gordon Brown came this morning, with a photocopy of another one from the Department for Constitutional Affairs.
    Dear Mr Stephen
    I enclose a copy of a letter I have just received concerning the matter I raised on your …