Shock as the good songs are knocked out

I love the Eurovision Song Contest, because it is just so weird. Like a different universe. Would anybody ever listen to any of those songs in their spare time? No. As such, none of the songs that I almost liked (Austria, Iceland… and Ireland‘s song was okay aswell) got through to the final. (This was unlike last year, when my favourite song — Wild Dances, which was actually really good — actually won! Go Ruslana!)

Austria’s performance, despite the song being quite good in my opinion, was just the height of oddness. A mixture of yodelling, presumably traditional Austrian instruments, trumpets badly mimed on by people who look like they’ve never seen a trumpet before, and tracksuits. And why is the song partly sung in Spanish?

That was the first song, and the second song — I can’t remember which country it was — was quite good aswell. And then Portugal came on, and it was a complete disaster. You couldn’t hear the singers properly, and when you could it sounded just awful. They actually sounded unsure, almost as though they were trying to improvise. I never quite managed to like any other songs after that.

The Irish song was one of the catchiest, and as such a bit cheesy Eurovisiony. And the 17-year-old boy who was singing it looked like he would have been more at home reading Terry Pratchet’s latest novel than singing pop music to the whole Europe and beyond.

Such a weird competition. But that’s why it’s such great viewing.

I just hope that awful Norwegian entry doesn’t win.


  1. Tragically, Iceland, Lithuania and Slovenia went out. And it’s a shame Ireland went out, but only because it means that viewers on Saturday night can’t be as appalled by it as I was 🙂

    I missed the semi-final (went to see Star Wars), but I had Portugal down as an awful entry from previewing it online. Good to see the dreary Belgian and Finnish entries go out, but sadly Croatia made it through.

    And I agree on how awful the Norweigian entry is.

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