PlayStation 3 = fridge door

PS3 or fridge door?My brother just sent me this picture of the PlayStation 3 saying, “It’s a fridge door!”

Forget the weather, this is a change too far! That’s not a games console! What on earth is it? I bet they’re trying to hide the thickness or something.

And why does the logo look so bad? It looks like they just used the first semi-decent font they could find from

Thumbs down from me.

Mind you, I never was in synch with most people when it came to the looks of a console. I loved the designs of the Xbox and the PlayStation 2; most people complained that they were too black (?!).


  1. I’m not a huge fan of the console, but it’s not THAT bad. I quite like the Xbox 360 too, though. We’ll have to see what Nintendo come up with – hopefully it aint silver!

    The controller for the PS3 looks so bad and uncomfy though!