A complaint to the BBC

I just made my first complaint to the BBC! Oh yes.

It’s about the weather. I blogged about it a couple of days ago: the south of Great Britain appears much larger in proportion to the north of the country.

I don’t think this means that people will think that Scotland is an economic backwater or that it’s evidence of southern bias. I just think it means they’ve not thought it through very well.

I forgot to save a copy of my complaint, but it went something like this:

I don’t want to be moaning of the sake of it. I think your new weather graphics are an improvement. But why do you have to have Great Britain at such a funny angle? It is now much more difficult to see the weather where I live — and I don’t even live that far north — than it is to see the weather in the south of England. What is wrong with using the new graphics with the old, more neutral angle? Having said that, I do think the new graphics are an improvement so well done in that respect.

Indeed, the BBC have managed to use the old angle with the new graphics on the BBC Weather website — so goodness knows why they couldn’t do it on the television.

David Farrer:

…if Scots themselves chose independence it will be because many folk up here get upset by an accumulation of little niggles of which asymmetrical weather maps are but one example.

(The Herald link via The Bag of Bears.)


  1. complaints are just because it’s change and people don’t like change but some are justified – there are a number of things that need to be fixed before they are spot on but I think over time people will get used to them. Although I’m not sure about DoctorVee . Related Tags [Technorati] Weather BBC met Graphics

  2. Interesting you should moan about that weather thing – I was thinking it was bad myself. What a stupid viewing angle. And the constant panning of the map and the non-stop yakking of the now pointless weather person who attempts to break the record for speaking fast. You have the time of day continously being updated in the bottom of the screen to look at, rain clouds, a constantly moving map, and a weather person struggling to keep up. You haven’t got time to see it all as your eyes are all over the place trying to find something to focus on. No doubt someone will be claiming it gives them motion sickness in the near future!

    Regional weather forecasts are better though. Normal viewing angle so it all works.

    All that money spent on the new system. They might as well save license payers money and go back to sticking on the weather symbols on the map of the Britain by hand and pointing with a stick.

  3. Having complained bitterly to the bbc about their new format when it changed in May/june with lack of atlantic charts,”desert” colour for sun and hurried whizzing and panning round the uk,lack of wind speed indication and symbols,I have noticed that many of these have been addressed.My main gripe about lack of atlantic synoptic charts has been partially resolved by OCCASIONAL showings in the general uk weather/news at 6 and 9 but quite strangely in nearly every local regional weather! I live in Maidstone Kent so it appears sometimes in the southeast but not in the main countrywide showing. I think this is quite ridiculous=why not do a proper showing albeit quick in the time available as you do in the farmers forecast for the week on sunday Countryfile?I think the bbc totally underestimates the number of its viewers who are interested in the weather generally or more importantly need this info for outdoor activities who glean a lot more from atlantic charts than all these new graphics which many people find incomprehensible unless the presenter explains each time what all the shadings are-heaven help viewers who still have b/w sets!I

    I also had dealings with John Tether a few years ago when the beeb dropped its european forecast at certain times of day which he addressed immediately with the forecasters-this addition would be nice to have back again too

    Please pass these comments on to the right quarters and let me have their comments

    Barry Shaw