Tough on the causes of hoodies

Yeah, I can’t believe it. A shopping centre is banning hoods, with the full backing of John Prescott.

I never really got this sort of logic. It’s a kind of middle class sneering at the proles. The thinking seems to go as follows: Burberry cap = ned = criminal.

Why not skip the first two? Have a go at the criminals, not the Burberry caps.

Wherever You Are.


So, more Maoism for teachers and nurses and yet another crackdown on the track-suited fraternity?

Personally, I’d like to see a crackdown on the number of crackdowns – they’ve got to unmanageable proportions…

Sometimes I wear a hooded top, and I wouldn’t take it off just to go to your fucking mall. But that’s not really the whole issue in this case, is it? Look what else is prohibited:

The rules outline the standard of behaviour expected, including not smoking, leafleting, or canvassing on site.

Your right to peaceful protest does not apply here.

We’re very concerned that some of our guests don’t feel at all comfortable in what really is a family environment.

A shopping centre is a family environment, it seems. God forbid you should let the real world into it, you might put the customers – whoops! sorry, the guests – off of their dreams of consumption.

Update: Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has been banned from the Bluewater Shopping centre for having an offensive face.

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