New Radiohead news!

Ooh exciting — Radiohead are recording and an album should be ready for release early next year! Sounds like those zany men are experimenting again.

I wasn’t 100% sure that Radiohead would have a new album out. After the release of Hail to the Thief there was a suggestion that they would only release EPs from now on (let’s face it — they’ve made Kid A, and that’s the only album you need). Apparently the pressure of having an album is too great, and I can see why that would be.

It’s like when Autechre release an album. You expect so much just because of all the baggage that comes with that name ‘Autechre’. When they call themselves Gescom* all of a sudden it’s a different matter and you can just enjoy the music for what it is. Maybe that’s just me being shallow though.

If I were Radiohead (and obviously I’m not Radiohead so I’m just spouting a load of nonsense) I might have done what Blur did and just released a single secretly. The problem with what Blur did was that the secret single, Don’t Bomb When You’re the Bomb, was ten times better than anything on the rather disappointing Think Tank album.

(*I know Gescom is more than just Autechre, but some people say that Iss:Sa involved Sean Booth and Rob Brown only.)