Celebrity Wrestling axed


Celebrity Wrestling is really strange. It’s very old-fashioned — like Gladiators with the few good bits wrung out of it.

I saw somebody describe it as “no celebrities, no wrestling.” A friend said that the original Gladiators are probably more famous than most of the people in Celebrity Wrestling. At least one former Gladiator now presents on Bid TV.


  1. I think I would have prefered to watch celebrities beat 10 pounds of crap out of each other. Other bloggers talking about this include Scary Duck, DoctorVee ,Nick Barlow and a great piece by No Geek is an Island. ITV to drop Celebrity Wrestling Related Tags [Technorati] BBC ITV Doctor Who

  2. I made the effort once, but was appalled by the ITV studios’ production standards – a small claustrophobic arena was called for – not some great airy studio. Also, that Annabel Croft lady, so very under-sold in a cover-all pale green outfit. Then there was that American chap – Rowdy Rodney – his bafflement at the ‘straight’ British crowd must have been hard to contain. Tragic, all so very tragic.