Morning (afternoon)

Before the election I had two things that I wanted to happen.

  1. A reduced Labour majority (under 70 would be good)
  2. Lib Dem gains (number of seats in the 60s)

Both have been achieved and the fears that were created by that exit poll were proved to be unfounded. The Conservatives haven’t done as well as the BBC were predicting they would either.

I’ll reflect more later.

Update: Howard’s resigned! My mother and I both think Rifkind could be the new leader. David Davis is possibly more likely, although if he has to fight in his own constituency throughout the next General Election because it’s a marginal that would be another big blow for the Tories.


  1. Beeb doesn’t say anything about a resignation ala Hague – just that he will step down when the Tory boys club have worked out a complex fiddle to get one of their crones into the leadership.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say – although I’d have liked to have watched him squirm through another couple of years.