Election roundup

Arthur’s Seat:

A cracking night for the Scottish LibDems, mild anxiety for Labour, disappointment for the SNP and frustration for the Scottish Tories.

Contrasting with my view earlier in the evening that it was a good night for everybody except Labour. Looking back, though, the SNP did say that they wanted 6 seats minimum (that’s the impression I got anyway), so in this respect they only just scraped a good result. I still think to Tories’ win is a big one though, even though they lost out on Dumfries and Galloway. However, the Conservatives and the SNP have been shoved down to fourth and third respectively. Undoubtedly the Lib Dems were the biggest winners in Scotland.

Stuart Dickson and Alister Black have their takes on the Scottish results.

Nick Griffin was wearing anti-racism wristbands.

I bloody love you, you’re my best mate, etc. Tony Blair seems to be acknowledging some sort of message in some way. First there was Gordon Brown playing a central role throughout the campaign. Then Alan Milburn is off (apparently not jumped before he was pushed. Absolutely not. No). At dawn he was calling everybody his comrades! Then his speech outside Number 10 acknowledged that Labour would have a tougher time in this Parliament.

I’ve just been watching the Scottish lunchtime round-up here. David Robertson asked Colin Fox how he could be taken seriously if he’s walking about the streets of Glasgow dressed up as Robin Hood. Fox’s response was robust, and I agree. The SSP’s humorous approach has been one of the few interesting things about the election campaign. It’s part of the SSP itself though; let’s get used to it and enjoy it for what it is: a serious message delivered in an entertaining manner.

Tabloid Photoshop contest.

To round off, there are two real highlights from last night that stick in my mind. Galloway versus Paxman of course is one. But the other is Robert Kilroy-Silk hearing just how few votes he got. He looked genuinely puzzled, like he couldn’t comprehend how he could barely get more than 5% of the votes.

I think that’s all for the moment…

Update: Peter Hain is on News 24 right now trying to make out that Tony Blair is responsible for “bumping off” four Tory leaders.

UKIP have lost £225,500 in lost deposits. Ouch!

Update: What is also amazing is just how accurate the polls were. Not just the exit polls, but the polls in general were pretty much bang on!

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