Kirkcaldy is not behind Gordon Brown?

Just went with the rest of my family to vote. Nice weather. Infact, it’s too hot. Good for Labour?

Two journalists from The Guardian interviewed us as we left the polling station. Firstly they asked if we would reveal how we voted. My mother revealed that she voted Lib Dem, and the journalist took it as read that the other two of us voted Lib Dem aswell (I don’t know how my father actually voted though). We were asked why we didn’t vote Labour. My father frowned and after a while just humphed, “They’re too right-wing.”

I wasn’t really able to get much of a word in edgeways. Just as I was about to do my piece about Labour abolishing trial by jury and all the rest of it, all of a sudden I was asked about the economy. I said it looked as though the economy had seemed good, but what with problems in the retail sector, MG Rover and Marconi, it was just starting to go downhill. He confirmed, “Yes, it is.” Turns out he’s an economics writer.

Here’s the interesting bit though. The journalist told us that he had expected everybody to be really behind Gordon Brown because he comes from Kirkcaldy. Apparently this is not the case.

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  1. Hmpf! All I had waiting to me at the exit was someone’s van parked across the path.

    It’s a pretty safe seat by all accounts, but I’ll be interested to see the swing to the Lib Dems 🙂