UK General Election 2005

We’re on the last lap of the election campaign. People have been saying that it was a boring campaign, and I kind of agree. I can’t remember too many election campaigns though, because this is only the fifth general election in my lifetime anyway.

I won’t be joining the newspapers in that odd tradition of telling you how to vote. I will say that — in case you had any doubt — I will be voting for the local Liberal Democrat candidate for all sorts of reasons that I write about all the time (and that by extension I think that you should too, but that’s up to you of course).

Read’s ‘final push’. There’s nothing new there, and it nicely rounds things up.

I’m going to be taking a break from all that revision I’ve been doing on Thursday night / Friday morning and for the first time I will hopefully be liveblogging.


  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over this incredibly dull campaign – this is my second opportunity to vote and like you I’m voting LibDem.

    I’m going to try and live blog on the night as well – although I only started blogging in January so am still fairly new to it and my blog content tends not to be to serious so I’ll be looking for the funnies sites of the night.