McConnell is the weak link

Only yesterday (earlier this evening, really), I described Scotland as one big rotten borough. But already this morning I’ve seen two stories which suggest that Labour is losing its grip.

The Scotsman reports that Labour are starting to sense that Jack McConnell is the weak link. Only starting? The rest of us figured that out four years ago!

The press conference began with Brown exuding typical gravitas, launching into a diatribe about the need to solve the pressing problem of poverty in Africa. And then, as one Labour source put it, McConnell “butted in”, detailing the Scottish Executive’s plans to offer aid to Malawi. “Brown was talking about Make Poverty History, talking about billions of pounds, and Jack had to butt in and talk about sweetie money. He still had to get in there with his little piece,” said the insider…

One candidate said: “The biggest problem which I am encountering is health. But there’s no point in saying that it’s nothing to do with me – that just sounds like a complete cop-out. You have to bite your tongue and just tell them that the record amounts being spent on health will make a difference, but that it takes time. All the time you’re thinking: ‘Yeah, thanks Jack.’”

Update: Stuart Dickson has a set of posts on Labour’s day in the Scottish press. It includes this magnificent quote from Alex Salmond: “Jim Wallace has as much influence over economic growth as Heather does with the weather.”

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