May 2005

Make blandness history… please

BBC News: Madonna, Coldplay, REM, Dido, Sir Paul McCartney and Keane are among the artists confirmed for the London event [Live 8]. I know they need to get big names if they want to raise awareness, but really, they couldn’t have made it any more boring if they tried.

Gordon Brown and others have their say (pt. 2)

Another reply to my letter from Gordon Brown came this morning, with a photocopy of another one from the Department for Constitutional Affairs. Dear Mr Stephen I enclose a copy of a letter I have just received concerning the matter I raised on your behalf. As you will see a further letter will follow and […]

GPS for lost causes

I’m thinking that this isn’t real, but Onlineblog says: This sounds like a leftover from April 1, but so far, no one seems to think it’s a spoof. These panties will monitor the location of your daughter, wife or girlfriend 24 hours a day, and can even monitor their heart rate and body temperature. Based […]

Off the wall

What happens when you tune in to a flippant football comedy show expecting incisive political commentary?

2005 Formula 1 European Grand Prix

Wah. Already another Grand Prix. Indeed, this is the second race of a period that sees eight Grands Prix in just ten weeks. I used to quite like the idea of having something like twenty Grands Prix in a season. This year we will have nineteen. With this week’s European Grand Prix having followed hot […]


Throwpaper. Quite an addictive game if you haven’t got anything better to do. My record is 21 — way better than that of Alan, who sent me the link.

Bring us Snowblog

Guardian Unlimited’s Newsblog on why Jon Snow needs a blog. I used to read Jon Snow’s daily emails, but I unsubscribed because logging into my email account just to read today’s Snowmail is just a bit too much hassle. So why not make it a blog? I would definitely read it then. Channel 4 News […]