April 2005

Double light bloggage

The computer’s gone in the huff (I’m borrowing my brother’s at the moment) I’ve got exams coming up It’s a double-whammy of blog-curbing disasters.

Nothing about Gordon?

The Herald says that nine candidates will be standing in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. It helpfully lists… one of them! No sign of the shy three others anywhere. Update: I eventually found them on the Fife Direct website. The Scottish Senior Citizens’ Unity Party will be standing, aswell as two independents. Oddly, both of the independents […]

Scottish Standard on its last legs?

It didn’t take long — The Scottish Standard appears to be on its last legs, after only its sixth issue. SCOTTISH Standard, the pro-independence weekly tabloid newspaper launched last month, has reportedly cut staff. The latest casualty is understood to be its business editor, Nick Bibby… It is believed the editorial team now numbers five. […]

ARE they thinking what “you’re” “thinking”?

Despite their “tough stance” on immigration, the Conservatives are employing eastern European migrants to deliver leaflets, and are allegedy paying them less than the minimum wage. Mr [Mark] Williams, a lawyer and a Labour supporter, said: “Many businesses and public sector employers in the UK, particularly in the south-east, face labour shortages. It is in […]

Fife – Edinburgh is worst route

Aha. I’m on my Easter / study break at the moment, so I’ve not had to get on a train for weeks. I’ll probably make a trip to visit the library this week though. According to The Scotsman, Fife – Edinburgh is the worst-performing rail route in Scotland. It is a rare occasion when a […]

Speak Your Brains

The Conservative Party’s campaign appears to be failing once again. I’ve just been watching The Daily Politics, where it appears as though Michael Howard has been getting tough questions on his immigration policies when he’d rather not talk about them. Other Conservatives want him to shut his trap about it, fearing that the Conservatives are […]