April 2005

Freeview gets E4 — twice

Freeviewers are getting absolutely spoiled now. Every now and again they just squeeze out some more space for a new channel, just like that! It’s got to the point where just about all the decent channels are on Freeview now, and all the extra space is dedicated to really bad ones. Not even shopping channels […]

The Smiths

“A very, very long time ago when I was at school, there was this fucking awful gaggle of hideous lanky men called “The Smiths” who droned and droned about really pretentious things in a tuneless and miserable way.”

That noisy Brian Sedgemore

I’m sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere. As I said, it’s difficult to catch up with five days’ worth of blog posts. But I was listening to the radio yesterday morning. People were saying that the only reason Brian Sedgemore defected to the Liberal Democrats now is because he wanted to make as much […]

Back ish

Well I’m back. Ish. The scary exam is out of the way, but the computer isn’t fixed yet. But a temporary solution has come about. Hurrah. I’m not even going to attempt to catch up.

Interesting test

Another interesting test, this time from The Times. This covers hypothetical issues rather than asking about ideology, which possibly veers people towards the centre a bit more. For the record I scored Social: 60, Economic: 33.